The Hillside Ranch

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The Hillside Ranch History

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For the first time in over 100 years, the historic Hillside Ranch is open to the public as a vacation rental. It started out as a cattle and alfalfa ranch around the early 1900’s and continued operation until the late 1970's. From then, until 1994 it fell into semi abandonment and disrepair, at which time I purchased the property and began its restoration. Click here to see what it looked like way back then...

This unique property sits on 40 acres at the East end of Lake Isabella just off Hwy 178. The Hillside Ranch has the illusion of remoteness, but is only a quarter mile away from a supermarket and gas station, and only 20 minutes away from Kernville. Enjoy a sanctuary that offers peace and quiet with unobstructed views of the lake and mountains. Enjoy the beautiful estate-sized lawns surrounded by hundreds of trees for shade and privacy. It’s a perfect place for family fun, weddings or just plain old get togethers. Play volleyball, horseshoes, croquet or fly a kit with your kids, whatever your heart desires.

So why don’t ya just mosey on up and be our guests, the best is yet to come.

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