The Hillside Ranch

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The Ranch Before Restoration (1994)

    AKA What Was I Thinking?!

I know what you’re thinking... What possessed me to purchase this thing? Well, I ‘d been looking all over California for about 10 years in the hopes of finding an old farm house on maybe 5 acres or so that I could fix up.  I wanted to get out of Los Angeles on the weekends and do something physical. And then it happened; I stumbled across this eyesore and fell in love.  Okay, the houses were a little run down, (falling down) but the spot looked pretty good to me, I thought it had great potential. So, what the heck, I bought it and got to work. 

I thought I’d have this place whipped into shape in 5 years, tops.  The year was 1994, I was 44 years old, in pretty good shape and ready to go.  In 2008 I was 58 and more or less finished remolding the houses, (not really), I just ran out of money. It’s been almost 20 years and I’m still not done, but I guess that’s not the point, so I guess I’ll just keep on, keeping on.  Anyway, it’s been a labor of love, I hope you have as much fun playing here, as I have had working here, Bruce.